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The Studio of Yani Arabena and Guille Vizzari, specializing in type design, lettering calligraphy and illustration.


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We are Yani Arabena and Guille Vizzari, born and raised in Buenos Aires, Argentina.
We both knew that we were going to be graphic designers when we were in high school, even though we didn’t know each other yet!
We both graduated from college and we started to develop our likes in calligraphy and lettering almost at the same time. Whereas Yani loved calligraphy and handwriting, Guille dived deep into drawing. And he loved calligraphy as well, so drawing letters was kind of a consequence.
Since 2013 we run Yani&Guille, our own studio specialized in Type Design, illustration, calligraphy  and lettering, working for clients worldwide.
Passionate about all the letters world we always try to improve and refine our craft, by sweating the technique and studying with the best in the international scene.

We’ve been distinguished by the ADC New York, TDC New York, Communication Arts, Tipos Latinos Biennale, and LAD Awards Perú.
As professionals we have given international lectures and workshops sharing our work and expertise, and selected work from our portfolio have been published in books, magazines, and specialized blogs from all round the world.

Work, love and life. We go together!

* Photographs by / Retratos por Santi Tenenbaum


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