Yani&Guille Studio
The Studio of Yani Arabena and Guille Vizzari, specializing in type design, lettering calligraphy and illustration.


The classroom is our second home.

We give extended workshops at our city but also we designed Pluma&Lápiz –a condensed workshop that combines calligraphy with lettering– to take it to other cities.

We love to share our vision and techniques with designers from all around the world. People from Argentina, Brasil, Perú and Ecuador already experienced our love for letters. If you run a design conference or educational place and would like to invite us to your city, let’s talk and learn together!

Online Workshops

«Lettering as Branding» (El lettering como identidad)

To learn at your own pace and from anywhere in the world, our Spanish course is available: “Lettering como identidad” in Domestika.


Face-to-face Workshops

We often dictate our extended workshops “Letter INC” by Guille Vizzari –dedicated to drawn lettering– and “Your own flag” (“Tu Propia Bandera”) by Yani Arabena –related to the search of a calligraphic identity–.


Exceptional Workshops

“Initial letter” (Letra inicial), was a one-time workshop where we attacked lettering through the development of an ornamented initial, to finally print it in letterpress at Primitive Ink –a printing press of 1932 in the neighborhood of Palermo, Buenos Aires, Argentina.



We love to visit new cities, write us to do our workshops at your place!

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